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@yoga_girl Rachel Brathen ( @yoga_girl )

I JUST RAN MY FIRST 5K! Ever!!! I know to most people that might not be a whole lot but for me it's a HUGE accomplishment. I am a terrible runner, I have asthma and my mind gets in the way most of the time. Today was my first consecutive five kilometer run, no pause, no slowing down. I'm so proud! I have mad respect for all you runners out there. Seriously- this is hard on a whole new level. But I'm loving it! Thank you @suelynd for making me push my limits and going way out of my comfort zone. Let's see where this takes me!💪🏻😅💪🏻😅💪🏻 #run #running #5k #hellyesssssss

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@yogottikom Yo Gotti ( @yogottikom )

#Tbt 1st #Lambo 1st #Porshe 4Door Waitin List Sh!t When They 1st Drop.. My 1st #WhiteHouse
1st One Out My Hood To See a #M #OldMoney #OldHunnids #BeenGettinIT #PleaseDontGetItConfused #TheArtOfHustle

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@oscarenestad Oscar Enestad ( @oscarenestad )

63 pieces of sushi. 3 people. Empty plates. Boom! 🍣

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; 11 hours

@yogottikom Yo Gotti ( @yogottikom )

When U Young Gettin 💰💰💰
And Don't Know Wat Da F%K To Do Wit It... Lol #Tbt #Thuggin #MemphisClubShit #TheArtOfHustle

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@bleacherreport Bleacher Report ( @bleacherreport )

The @bluejays have reportedly acquired ace David Price from the @tigers. 😱⚾️

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; 14 hours

@ladygaga ladygaga ( @ladygaga )

When you run into someone with #monsterstyle at the bar and we're both envious of each other's brows!

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; 17 hours

@carlilloyd Carli Lloyd ( @carlilloyd )

Happy birthday to this lady! @hopesolo my World Cup Champion teammate! Hope it's a good one!

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@momomama1234 momomama1234 ( @momomama1234 )

วันนี้ วันใหม่ไปเที่ยว เลี้ยงวันสุขแทน @tooktikky

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@jimalfredchapman Jim Chapman ( @jimalfredchapman )

Seconds before she peed on the bed. Worth it. (P.s. SorryNotSorry my Instagram has become 98% Martha)

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; 23 hours

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