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@thejesselawson Jesse Lawson ( @thejesselawson )

We can not sink, yet we are grounded. With our voices, we sing loudly. There is no one to tell us No.. #latenightwriting

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@tylerjblackburn Tyler Blackburn ( @tylerjblackburn )

So proud of @lucyhale 😘 These dudes are pretty cool too @ianmharding @coltonlhaynes 😁

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@kdkuiper // Kyle Kuiper // ( @kdkuiper )

Had a blast taking my family to the Gliderport today!

: Torrey Pines Gliderport
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@isabellamadrid Isabella Madrid ( @isabellamadrid )

So you might have noticed how I haven't posted an actual photo in a while now and I might as well tell you why that is! I've been incredibly busy this week because I will be moving places and packing isn't simple at all and everyone's under a lot of stress at the moment. I have also packed all my photography equipment so yeah I guess that's it, I hope all is well and you're all doing great, I love you a lot! ❤️

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@shannonmaay shannonmaay ( @shannonmaay )

Last day in England was amazing! Can't wait to get back to Texas tomorrow ❤️😍

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