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@lorenzocarvalho LorenzoCarvalho Official ⚡️ ( @lorenzocarvalho )

O pessimista se queixa do vento, o otimista espera que ele mude e o realista ajusta as velas 😋😽✨❤️#buonGiorno❤️

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@yuuukiiinaaa yuuukiiinaaa ( @yuuukiiinaaa )


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@bosshogswife Korie Robertson ( @bosshogswife )

Happy Birthday to my love! 😍 Life with you is never boring! #youmake42lookgood #loveyou

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@gabibutler1617 Gabi Butler ( @gabibutler1617 )

Thank you @gtblackjesus ❤️ for my whaling shirt!!!!! I love it 😃 #whaling 🌊🐋

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@krewellayasmine Yasmine ( @krewellayasmine )

the best mommy in the entire universe ⚡️🌻

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@thatkiddillon Dillon Martyn ( @thatkiddillon )

Just got home from school ☺️ nap time.

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