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@jolynclothing JOLYN ( @jolynclothing )

It's #jolynmotivationalmondays and our Labor Day special is our interview with Nathalie Bartleson on the BLOG. She's a native Californian raised in Walnut Creek (NorCal) who ended up in the pool as a synchronized swimmer and after 19 years and swam in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, winning the Team Gold Medal!!!! Truly inspiring. And definitely some #fitspiration for us. #jolyn

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@thedigitour #DigiTourJackAndJack ( @thedigitour )

❤️❤️❤️ this pic of @sammywilk & @kennyholland backstage at #DigiTourJackandJack #Phoenix 😎 #TEXAS are you comin out tomorrow?! #Houston you're first!then #Dallas 💚 TICKET LINK IN BIO!
#DigiTour #Digifest #Digi #SammyWilk #kennyholland

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@xmob_bboytruth Cameron Boyce ( @xmob_bboytruth )

Happy birthday to one of my greatest friends/brother. Love you Taj. @king_krash

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@lloydbanks Lloyd Banks ( @lloydbanks )

Chillin at #GGN with the legend @snoopdogg classic sh!t

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@lottietommo123 Lottie Tomlinson ( @lottietommo123 )

Can't wait to see my girlf 😘 @em_croz 💘💘💘

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@gossipgirll Gossip Girl ( @gossipgirll )

sorry for not posting I've been in paris! 😻

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@elvinngchoonsiong ELVIN NG 黄俊雄 ( @elvinngchoonsiong )

the original camera didn't do selfies.

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@bybalr BALR. ( @bybalr )

Credits to @thegoodlifeinc for shooting this fantastic picture! Have a great Sunday🚤👌💯 !

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