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@vickiewinans Vickie Winans ( @vickiewinans )

Ok, why did I put on a waist-cincher-belt, trying to be extra cute...go to dinner, where I was almost standing up in the car cause I couldn't bend over, then finally get to the restaurant where I told the waiter that all I wanted to order was a glass of water and a bowl of vinegar! LOLOLOL!😂 I can't do too many more of these cincher looks! Ugh! I FLATOUT couldn't breathe!😤 I should just wear my tent dress and skip trying to be so cute! Whew! I'm too tickled!😅😅😅 Anybody feel me?
#oxygenplease😤 /> #anybodywantabeltcincher⌛️ /> #icant😅 /> #ineedtoshakemyownselfloose👈How 'bout that?😂

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@jean_watts Jean⚡️Watts ( @jean_watts )

Waiting for my mom to see this and call me freaking out 😝 #dontworrymomitsnotreal #knottsScaryFarm

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; 3 hours

@radiodisney radiodisney ( @radiodisney )

@onedirection released their music video for #StealMyGirl! Help them break the @Vevo record by watching it over and over! 🎈🎵

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; 8 hours

@danachanel Casey Dana Olivera ( @danachanel )

Proverbs 16:20 Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD. This verse explains why I've never been so happier in my life. | Thank you @ARN_1 for my engraved customer piece cross necklace with my name engraved, I wear it every single day. I think I'll by some as Christmas gifts for my fam. Use this coupon code when you gets yours for free shipping "DANASHIP" 💜

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@solennheussaff solennheussaff ( @solennheussaff )

Enjoyed everything in Baguio! Cant believe i havent been back in the last 10 years. Coming back sooner this time!

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@deluxefx #DeluxeFX ( @deluxefx )

Have a nice day all
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@emmymakeuppro EmmyMakeUpPro ( @emmymakeuppro )

Parce qu'avec mon @horia_insta je ne peux qu'avoir le sourire 😊❤️ Si tu veux découvrir sa transformation en monstre de Frankenstein clique ou copie/colle ce lien => http://youtu.be/G4Pd9MM6Xis 💉🔩🔪 #Halloween #semainedelhorreur #EmmyMakeUpPro

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; 2 days ago

@nerdist Chris Hardwick ( @nerdist )

Ah Portland...you're pretty damn great at Fall...

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; 2 days ago

@metmuseum The Metropolitan Museum of Art ( @metmuseum )

The Great Hall has been the majestic main entry of the Met for more than a century. #metmuseum #emptymet

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@jayhozay James Hosey III💰 ( @jayhozay )

I Just wanna take a moment and Thank God for my fiancé. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I don't know where I'd be without her. I love you soon to be Mrs.Hosey😉👰

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; 3 days ago

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