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@ricky_martin Ricky ( @ricky_martin )

Taking a break between interviews. #happy

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; 2 hours

@kitb Kit Bencharongkul ( @kitb )

Came home to this surprise from my dearest sis @petteboonyapha 🎈🎈🎊🎉 thank you! #lovingit

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; 14 hours

@asia_alodah آسيا العودة ( @asia_alodah )

‏📌 ﴿ واتقوا (يوما) ترجعون فيه إلى الله ﴾

يوم واحد فقط !!
جدير بالعناية والاهتمام .

كل الأيام الأخرى
لا تستحق لحظة قلق *

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; 16 hours

@seananno seananno ( @seananno )

Happy birthday @catabot! Love you :)

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; 17 hours

@jfinch27 Jennie Finch ( @jfinch27 )

So proud of our Lori & her #BiggestLoser Journey! #TeamLori -Was so honored & proud to share the same dugout as you & still so so proud of you! Blessed to call you my friend Vegas! Love you! Keep shining sister! 👍🙌👊💪

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; 22 hours

@adelaidekane adelaidekane ( @adelaidekane )

A very sleepy Mary... Are you ready for an all new ep of Reign tonight??? Photo credit to @FredGerber

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; 1 days ago

@dulcecandy Dulce Candy ( @dulcecandy )

New York is always a good idea. 🗽🍎

: New York, New York
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; 1 days ago

@nikkiphillippi Nikki Phillippi ( @nikkiphillippi )

AH!!! So many of you are starting to get your tumbler cups and I'm so happy/excited!!!🙊 Someone commented that they were so excited they get to be twinning with so many people! Hahaha yay! Here's to twinning!💁💁 be sure to post your cup pics under #nikkipcup & if you wanna buy one just click the link in my bio:) THANK YOU all! 😘😘😘

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; 1 days ago

@ashleygreene Ashley Greene ( @ashleygreene )

A little vanilla berry smoothie fuel before kickboxing. #workinonmyfitness

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; 1 days ago

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