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@jennettemccurdy Jennette McCurdy ( @jennettemccurdy )

🎊🎉Two of my favorites... @cameron_ocasio and gianna🎉🎊

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; 10 hours

@janelparrish Janel Parrish ( @janelparrish )

It's early. But we are off to San Fran so 💃 @emmy_yu

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; 13 hours

@madonna Madonna ( @madonna )

He's buying a stairway to heaven..........,❤️#webelhawt

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; 21 hours

@ellevarner Elle Varner ( @ellevarner )

When ur fed up/leavin him for a better ninja but ur petty and send him one last selfie 😂 #finishhim

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; 1 days ago

@yuk00shima yuk00shima ( @yuk00shima )

かけーると一緒だよ❤️ #ヤメゴク

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; 1 weeks ago

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