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@lessonsfrommovies 那些電影教我的事 ( @lessonsfrommovies )

一個好的領袖會把三樣東西分給他的團隊:信念、勇氣、與榮耀。 .
A good leader shares three things with his team: belief, courage, and glory.

神鬼戰士 (Gladiator), 2000


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@massafera massafera ( @massafera )

Ela mudou meu mundo ... 🌎 ❤️ o dia é dela : sempre ... 🎁🎀🎂🎉🎈 #elametransforma #meupedacinhodecéu #amorinfinito

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@_erikangel Erika Angel 🌚🎀 ( @_erikangel )

I never really party anymore but...

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@goalcenter Soccer Futbol Football ( @goalcenter )

How to get out when cornered 👏🏻 #Skills - Follow @FutballCenter for more!

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@espn espn ( @espn )

"I have a good vocabulary, but I'm running out of superlatives for that guy." -@Cavs coach David Blatt on @kingjames after Cleveland's Game 2 win. [Credit: Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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@inspire_me_home_decor Home Decor Inspiration ( @inspire_me_home_decor )

This dining room is just gorgeous! Thank you for the tag @blackbanddesign

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@thepioneerwoman Ree Drummond ( @thepioneerwoman )

Tomorrow's new episode of Pioneer Woman is lots of fun! The kids and I plan a birthday celebration for Ladd...and what better way to celebrate than to serve a big, honkin' pile of crispy, thin fries! See you on Food Network tomorrow (Saturday!) morning at 10 eastern/ 9 central!

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@waltdisneyworld Walt Disney World ( @waltdisneyworld )

We are officially into day 2 of the #CoolestSummer Ever 24 hour kick off! Who's still up? #Disney24 (Photo: @philluis)

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@dcshoes DC Shoes ( @dcshoes )

The #DCSpecialDeliveryTour rolls through Lyon, France where @madarsapse nosebonked next to this amazing statue. Thanks to everyone that came out to Sergent Blandan skatepark and hung out with the team! Photo: @sergioastur #MadarsApse #DCShoes

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@soccer_euro Everything about soccer ( @soccer_euro )

Henry: "Giroud is doing well. But can you win the league with him? I wouldn't think so, they need a top, top quality striker". .
Giroud's to Henry "Maybe he was angry that I needed fewer games than him to score 50 goals for Arsenal." (L'Equipe 21)

هنري : جيرود يقوم بعمل جيد مع ارسنال لكنهم لن يستطيعوا الفوز بالدوري معه ولا أعتقد ذالك ، انهم بحاجة إلى مهاجم ذات نوعية وجودة عالية
جيرو عن انتقادات هنري "لا اعلم،ربما هو غاضب لانني سجلت 50 هدفاً بشكل اسرع منه؟ او لانني قد افعل ما لم يفعله واسجل في نهائي كأس؟". .

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@phet_thakrit 🅿heT✨ThaKriT ( @phet_thakrit )

HBD นะ เพื่อนจรณ ขอให้ชีวิตแฮปปี้ๆๆๆ งานเยอะๆ เป็นที่รักของคนทุกคน รวยๆเฮงๆ 😆😆 @topiz_js

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