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@buthaina_alraisi1 بثينة الرئيسي ( @buthaina_alraisi1 )

كل الطرق تؤدي إلى روما 〰〰〰
ولكن طريقي الوحيد الذي لا يؤدي لها 〰〰〰
فأنا لست مع الكل 〰〰〰
فحياتي كيان لا يعترف بأي كل 〰〰〰
ولا يعترف بأي مقوله أو حكمة 〰〰〰
نعم لطريقي نعم لكياني ... تحياتي ✌ 〰〰〰 《《《《 #كلمات #الكاتب_محمد_الكندري #تحدي #حياة #تأمل #تفائل #إصرار #بداية #ابتسامة #صدق #امل #إيجابية #تأثير #عالمي #عالم_بيبا ✌
G.N 🌍

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@thenorthface The North Face ( @thenorthface )

It's difficult to walk away from your passions, no matter how much sacrifice and hardship they might cause. 'Always Above Us' tells the enduring story of team alpine climbers Kris Erickson (@kephoto) and @Conrad_Anker's love of the climb. Watch it now @ youtube.com/thenorthface

#AlwaysAboveUs #SeeForYourself #IceClimbing @SherpasCinema

: youtube.com/thenorthface
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@buzova86 Ольга Бузова ( @buzova86 )

Когда азарт побеждает страх - это про нас!!! В это воскресение мы с @lapikovd будем летать на полотнах в #шоуясмогу в 23.50 на канале #россия1💃💃💃 в это воскресение мы с @tanialyutaeva получим задание на следующую неделю, которое перевернуло нашу жизнь🙈 нам всем очень важно, чтобы вы были с нами в этот вечер!!! Мы с ребятами делали это для вас, мои дорогие телезрители!!!🙏 #ясмогу#мытакиеразные#номывместе#мыбанда

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@satchapretto Satcha Pretto ( @satchapretto )

Que la fuerza los acompañe! Primer #halloween de mi #BabyBruce / May the force be with you! The Butlers as Yoda, Princess Leia and Chewbacca. #starwars #family

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@gucci Gucci ( @gucci )

Trick, treat or Gucci? We're in L.A. this weekend. First stop: a visit to our redesigned Rodeo Drive store. #gucci

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@bestvacations bestvacations ( @bestvacations )

Epic Vacation Villa •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Congratulations @ChadCarroll 🌟 with this photo taken in Miami, Florida 🌴
Check out the Star of Million Dollar Listing

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@littlejbeauty LittleJBeauty ( @littlejbeauty )

Little Red Riding Hood tonight 💉

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@elizabethjanebishop Elizabeth Jane Bishop ( @elizabethjanebishop )

Happy Halloween!!!🎃 I don't think I need a costume bc I'm pretty ghostly already 👻 (PS thank u all soOoo much for 300K)

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@natgeo National Geographic ( @natgeo )

by @drewtrush The Snake River. Added to the list of Wild and Scenic Rivers in 2009, The Craig Thomas Snake Headwaters Legacy Act protected over 400 river miles of this wonderful watershed from future development.It also just happens to flow through the heart of the #greateryellowstoneecosystem.
Flowing 1,078 miles, it is the ninth longest river in the US. From the legislation: "The Snake River Headwaters' exceptional scenery, fisheries, wildlife/ecological, recreational, geologic, and cultural resources are the outstandingly remarkable values for which the river system was designated, along with its free-flowing condition and high water quality”. A sincere thank you to all involved for helping to protect such a wonderful place.
#wildandscenic #rivers #gye #bridgertetonnationalforest #tetons @natgeocreative #passiton #paramotoring #thebestseatinthehouse

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@pcastagnoli Paulo Castagnoli ✡ ( @pcastagnoli )

zzzZzzzzzZzz... calor, calor e calor! #ProjetoFly feito! 😔😭😰🔥🐳

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@latoyaforever LaToya Forever ( @latoyaforever )

Our first Halloween together. 👻👻👻 @samiaforever

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@essiepolish essie ( @essiepolish )

‘ignite the night’ with these enchanting shades that are perfect for your Halloween soiree.

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