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ก๊อตจิ@tamagodji วันก่อนชั้นไปเจอคนนึงมา "น่ารักเข้าตา คาวาอี้จังเลย" แหมๆอยากจิแอ๊ว#FantaCheeky

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@natgeo National Geographic ( @natgeo )

Photo by @irablockphoto (Ira Block) Some of the 108 Stupas at Dochula Pass in Bhutan. The Stupas were built in 2004 at this 3150 meter (10,332 feet) site to commemorate a Bhutanese military victory.  A Stupa is a Buddhist religious structure, and 108 is a very auspicious number. Traveling with my #NGExpeditions group through this amazing Kingdom. @thephotosociety @natgeotravel' #galaxyS5  #bhutan #buddhism #stupa

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@samiralbashiri سمير البشيري ( @samiralbashiri )

اليوم زرت مدرسة ابن المظفر بحي الدانة بالظهران ... وأشكر مدير المدرسة على الأجواء الرائعة داخل المدرسة .. الله يوفق كل مدير يسعى للي فيه مصلحة عيالنا .. @bader_alharthi_91

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@tanya_liyah tanya_liyah ( @tanya_liyah )


: ฝากเม้นก่อนฝากร้านนะคะที่รัก😘
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; 3 days ago

@mfalig Ali Asif ( @mfalig )

Been with this crazy egg smashing, aggressive, demon/angel baby for more then 5 months now. We've good time, we've had bad times and some crazy stuff here and there but I still love you more and more every day. Love you my demon/angel baby Valentina 😘😘❤️❤️

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@push_dj push_dj ( @push_dj )

อีกมุมในเมือง Dresden 😍 #dresden #germany

: Dresden, Germany
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@christinamilian Christina Milian ( @christinamilian )

Happy birthday @amberrose love you! I put together a quick lil' "costume" for your get together. Wish I could've made it! Hope your night was amazing! I know it was ❤️

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@moe_alnimer moe_alnimer ( @moe_alnimer )

My daily morning grind.

When you're consistent & efficient with certain acts, your day starts to feel incomplete without acting them out.
Work! not tomorrow, not In an hour, THIS MINUTE!
Being well achieved doesn't mean being good with certain aspects of your life, it is being great with everything! Being a great child to your parents, a great parent to your children, making time for family and friends, making time for your hobbies and priorities.

Don't seek time, make it.

: Dubai
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; 3 days ago

@abdulnaserdarweesh_ عبدالناصر درويش ( @abdulnaserdarweesh_ )

لا تقربون يم السحر ينقلب عليكم

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@motor_head_ Welcome To The Car Game ( @motor_head_ )

| Follow: @stickercity |
Restyle Your Vehicle With A Custom Car Wrap
(Photo: @458mrp)

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@frungnarikunn Frung🍦 ( @frungnarikunn )

หาหึหาหึหาหึ🙇 cr @pipqiq

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@groupfazza قروب فزاع ( @groupfazza )

@faz3 ❤️

📅 Tuesday 2014/10/21 الثلاثاء

فيديو | الطفل محمد أحمد جابر مع سيارة سمو الشيخ حمدان بن محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم 👦🚘


Video | Baby Mohammed Ahmed Jaber with Car of H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum 🚘👦

#repost from @7arbi_alamri 📥

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@seina44 seina shimabukuro ( @seina44 )


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