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@johnmayer johnmayer ( @johnmayer )

Pre-show jam. Heading to the stage... See you in a few minutes Atlanta. #musicmidtown

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@hapatime Jessica ( @hapatime )

💜 today✌🍇🌌 😜

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@delias delias ( @delias )

#FlashbackFriday to @allisimpson visiting @delias and meeting fans! So much fun! Check out youtube.com/delias for the video recap! Psst... there’s still time to win a #fashionhaul, so keep tagging your looks with #BeYou and @delias to enter!

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@yagala Galina ( @yagala )

How to water marble design on toe nails. Don't wanna watch? Just ignore and scroll down your feed.
1) Leave your marble image in the cup for 15-20 mins
2) Then carefully take it out from the cup
3) Cut out using manicure scissors
4) Place on the nails
5)Apply top coat and that's it!
Technique by @lisionok2004 .
Еще один вариант водного педикюра. Читаем инструкцию.
1) Оставьте ваш водный рисунок в стакане до высыхания 15-20 мин
2) Аккуратно выньте его
3) Вырежьте по форме ногтя (ногтей)
4) накрасьте ноготь в базовый цвет и приклейте рисунок на ноготь
5) Нанесите лак-сушку и готово! Технику переняла у @lisionok2004
I use/Лаки : @bonitacolors "Ultra Violet" "Lollipop" "Ruby"
🎶Song: Kongos - Come With Me Now🎶

: 👣Pedi Time👣
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@jharden13 jharden13 ( @jharden13 )

My guy @therealalfonsoribeiro trying to teach me how to do the "Carlton" ! I need more lessons especially if I'm going to try Dancing with the Stars!

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@btm15 Brandon Marshall ( @btm15 )

Girl U not from this world.. .@mrsmichmarshall #MachineTeam

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@dressyourface 💋• Tamanna Roashan •💋 ( @dressyourface )

Love stealing selfies of my clients hehe ☺️ Makeup by me and hair by my amazingly talented friend @fpinasco 🙌🙌🙌 Who's going to his Hairstyling Master Class tomorrow??? I'll be there showing my support! Tonight's the FINAL NIGHT to get your last minute tickets to find out all of @fpinasco's hair secrets!! I have worked with him multiple times and I'm truly impressed with his talent. Join us with special guest @lillyghalichi and so many of our friends for a night to remember. For tickets to tomorrow night's hair class, visit @fpinasco's page and email him to get yours ASAP. ❤️❤️❤️

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@thugave ThugAve ( @thugave )

Brooklyn finest UNISEX SHIRT - Model: @hersheyeyesss
Link in bio to order

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@joshsobo Josh ( @joshsobo )

We stopped. We shopped.

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@auroramakeup ♥AURORA ♥ ( @auroramakeup )

This Video tutorial is my first GET READY WITH ME, available on my YouTube channel.
Please subscribe link on my bio page ;)) Nuevo video tutorial listo en mi canal de YouTube, Subscríbete la.Liga está en mi pagina de perfil aquí en Instagram
#getreadywithme #youtube /> #auroramakeup

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@shuapeck Josh Peck ( @shuapeck )

@acaciabrinley and I are in a fantasy football league together. She's commissioner. #iheartradio

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@c.n.r Caroline Richards ( @c.n.r )

Isabella Rae Klatt the one and only❤️ I love you so much😘

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@weir19 weir19 ( @weir19 )

ฟ้าวๆๆๆแหน่เปี๋ยง!!เดี๋ยวไปบ่ทันงานช่อง7HD@อุบลฯแล้วเพ้อกันเด้อพี่น้องงงงง @minpechaya @ch7dramasociety @mummai_ch7

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