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@nathankress Nathan Kress ( @nathankress )

Getting ready to take over at @KAPU! Send Qs using #KressOnKAPU and #TheHurteLocker, and check out how to listen here!! http://kapuradio.com/a-new-and-improved-way-to-stream-kapu-radio/

{ 1977
; 14 minutes

@thuyy_trann thuyy_trann ( @thuyy_trann )

Top/Shorts/Kimono/Sandals/Bag from @debshops @debshops @debshops 🌸💕

{ Valencia
; 23 minutes

@heykayli Kayli Butler ( @heykayli )

Loved having some extra girl time with my favorite little lady today!! #pedis #popcorn #purplesparklytoes #GirlsDay #BraiBrai

{ Valencia
; 29 minutes

@bellacampen Ranee Campen✨ ( @bellacampen )

ตามเสียงเรียกร้องขอคลิป เราจัดให้ เป็นอีกหนึ่งความสามารถของพ่อ ร้องเองแต่งเอง คือความในใจที่พ่ออยากให้กับหมอ ลองฟังดูค่ะ🎤✨ @ferno_padgone @kirinyoung #พ่อเก่ง #ภูมิใจ #แซวขำๆนะ #สื่อกลางส่งรัก #plerngchimplee

{ Normal
; 29 minutes

@kaylamauro97 Kayla Mauro ( @kaylamauro97 )

From the beginning to the end... What an amazing family CA is.
#cheetahFlyers 2013/14

{ Normal
; 1 hours

@vinedoctor vinedoctor ( @vinedoctor )

For more Funny vids

{ Normal
; 13 minutes

@kellyhart Kelly Hart ( @kellyhart )

Random iPhone clips I found in my phone. Hope you enjoy 😊 #DavidBowens 🙌 @willfyock #theybothdidtheirtricksfirsttry

{ Normal
; 21 minutes

@hirozzzz Hiroaki Fukuda ( @hirozzzz )

Tokyo Lights

Boarding a plane to Turkey for my next adventure. One of the countries I've always wanted to visit. Looking forward to sharing those images with you through out the next week!

{ Normal
; 49 minutes

@mac_daddyy Angel Merino - OFFICIAL PAGE ( @mac_daddyy )

✨Red carpet glamour!

One of my workshops next week in HOUSTON TX!

I will be teaching 2 workshops on 4/29, and a 4 hour "hands on" course with a focus on highlight & contour on 4/30!

Sponsored by @themuaproject
Get more info & tickets on my website:
www.ArtistCouture.com (link in bio)

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; 29 minutes

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