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@marissabishhhh Marissa Rivero Mcgrath💎 ( @marissabishhhh )

Midget problemzzzzzz #hypers ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #booty

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; 1 months ago

@christinamilian Christina Milian ( @christinamilian )

Tonight after the #Grammys is a new episode of #ChristinaMilianTurnedUp! Tune in at 10pm on E! Plus I'll be co-hosting the Grammy AfterShow with @khloekardashian and @iamterrencej talking bout everything Grammys 2015! @eonline. Pic from episode with @priscilrodrig & @danielle_milian #latina #booty!

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; 3 months ago

@christinamilian Christina Milian ( @christinamilian )

It's Midweek & #WCW so you know I have to get you ready in advance for THIS Sunday's New Episode of #ChristinaMilianTurnedUp on E! At 10pm! It's all about the BOOTAYYY.. 😍 #ImObsessed.. Got my girl @twerkout showing me how to make them cheeks bounce! lol! #TwerkoutApp on the way! #Ass #Twerk #Booty #Body #IttyBittyBooty #Smedium #Marge #Help!

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; 3 months ago

@erikaschwegler Erika Schwegler BrazilianBarbi ( @erikaschwegler )

If you go around being afraid, you're never going to enjoy life. You have only one chance, so you've got to have fun.
I'm so blessed to be able to call this paradise home 🏠☀🌴🏊🙌✈️🌍 #iamHome -
#paradise #RioDeJaneiro #brazil #brazilian #Copacabana #theGirlfromIpanema #tattoos #booty 😻

: Praia De Copacabana - Rio De Janeiro
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; 3 months ago

@erikaschwegler Erika Schwegler BrazilianBarbi ( @erikaschwegler )

Crazy about this dress 😋
Thank you @fashiongirl_boutique
Now #gold is my fav color 💛
Now I'm ready to party here in ✈️RIO DE JANEIRO 🌍
Check out @fashiongirl_boutique for the best dresses online 🙌 #booty #golddress #RiodeJaneiro

: Rio De Janeiro - Cidade Maravilhosa
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; 3 months ago

@amandabisk Amanda Bisk ( @amandabisk )

Looking for a GLUTE exercise that will really burn?! 🔥🔥🔥 I just started doing these everyday....oowwwweeee

▪️Toe taps Left to Right
▪️You need to touch the ground on both sides to count as one rep
▪️Lift your leg up and over as high as you can without arching your back

20reps on each leg (that's 40 lifts Left & 40 lifts Right!) 😱 #bootyburn />

#fitness #glutes #booty #workout #abbodysquad

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; 4 months ago

@phillydefranco Philip DeFranco ( @phillydefranco )

I have been so busy @linzdefranco's Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta episode has snuck up on me. Check it out tomorrow on TLC. #booty

{ Nashville
; 4 months ago

@camillelbaz Camille Leblanc-Bazinet ( @camillelbaz )

When you don't know what to do... SQUAT! Can't go wrong with that!!!
1. Make sure your back is arch
2. Weight should be on your heels
3. Knee track your toes
4. Crease of the hips bellow the knee cap...
#strength #booty #forgethatbummy get cool gear at roguefitness.com @rehband purple knee sleeve @reebok mint shoes @roguefitness cool shirt #raisethebar #pushyourlimit #beunstoppable #ownyourdestiny #forgeyourpath

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; 6 months ago

@jlo Jennifer Lopez ( @jlo )

😂😂😂 repost from @leahremini: About to get my #booty kicked by @Jlo #bestiedinner #bigbootycrew #homeby9 #gotkids

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; 8 months ago

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