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@camillelbaz Camille Leblanc-Bazinet ( @camillelbaz )

When you don't know what to do... SQUAT! Can't go wrong with that!!!
1. Make sure your back is arch
2. Weight should be on your heels
3. Knee track your toes
4. Crease of the hips bellow the knee cap...
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@daniellefitspo Danielle Alexandrine  ( @daniellefitspo )

I really love this hack squat machine! But I need to get much more weight in😂👍 it's perfect for building up that dream booty!😂 @fitnessguru #fitnessguru

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; 3 months ago

@labella_reina ✨La Reina✨ ( @labella_reina )

This belt is perfect for my beach workouts! Might look easy but it's actually pretty intense!! 😊 Thank you @bootybelt @bootybelt #booty #buildabooty #bootybelt

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@jlo Jennifer Lopez ( @jlo )

We dem girls...fun watching these two cuties perform tonight, @ritaora @thenewclassic @jlo #Booty #blackwidow

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@suicidegirls SuicideGirls 💋 ( @suicidegirls )

@HeremSuicide knows how to rock her #SuicideGirls merch! Get your own at suicidegirls.com/shop <3
#booty #sg #suicidegirlsshop

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@queenpee PrincessP. Jewelry ( @queenpee )

✨✨I love @juju_mario @juju_mario #Booty video ( @jlo) . And how cool! He got reposted by @Jlo today😮🌟 He can shake that😆😆✨

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