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Fifty shades of Blue💙.. Love very early morning walk in Bozburun in order to enjoy the serenity, the morning colors and calmness. Took this photo at 7 am..

: Bozburun Yacht Club
{ Mayfair
; 55 minutes

@ozlemavcioglu Travelmodus ( @ozlemavcioglu )

The monastery is located on the south end of Symi, situated on the sea front of the tiny village of Panormitis.
The monastery is a large 18th-century Venetian styled building with the highest baroque bell tower in the world. The facade of the main structure is white and it stretches along the coast on either side of the main gateway. In excellent condition, the Italians constructed these two rows of buildings after World War II.

: Panormitis Simi Island
{ Mayfair
; 17 hours

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[🎥YoongVDO]Yoona at Yoona & I Fanmeeting in Thailand ,, Yoona Cried With ThaiSone Project "Always with Yoona" 😍😊❤️ Cr.Nikkojump

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; 20 hours

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We 💛 Mochilas! Elk tasje is uniek, hoe leuk?! Ze komen in verschillende kleurencombi's, met andere printjes en in verschillende maten. Deze kleurrijke it-bag snoepjes zijn onze zomerfavoriet. Kies jouw favoriet want van elke tas is er maar één op voorraad!

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; 21 hours

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Took this picture this morning at 7 am from top of the Symi hills.. My classic morning climbing.. Have a nice day to everybody ..

: Island of Symi, Greece
{ Mayfair
; 1 days ago

@yogahoneyy Ashleigh Nalini ✌ ( @yogahoneyy )

How to do a handstand ( not using the wall)
There honestly are sooo many different ways. The gymnastics technic is different than yoga. In yoga we keep our hands on the ground and try to push up, in gymnastics they start in lung and use their momentum. In this video we have 4 different types of ways of trying to get up. 1) Michelle - doesn't have the upper body and wrist strength yet to push herself up. With a lot of shoulder exercises, push-ups and chadarangas she will gain the strength to get higher 2) Chris- here Chris is using the momentum of his body moving from lung to handstand. 3) me- start in a plank with the shoulders on top of the wrists, lift one leg up and kick yourself up with the other leg. Once your up and your hips are stacked on top of your shoulders, draw your lower ribs in, take the other leg up. 4) chad- chad is doing the straddle press where he leans forward, pressing his weight onto his upperbody, and without jumping he begins to take his legs up. My suggestion would be to learn how to hold a basic handstand before doing the press.
Here are some basic technics you can do when trying to get away from the wall. I will continuely be posting. If you have any requests for poses and transitions in the future just let me know :) namaste 🙏

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; 1 days ago

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Bora academia ate no frioo ❄️❄️❄️❄️

: Academia Corpo Tottal
{ Sierra
; 1 days ago

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