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@jaynightmares Jessica Alcocer 💀 ( @jaynightmares )

Hi my name is Jessica and I have Obesophobia. For all who doesn't know this term, or do..it's a person who is afraid of gaining weight and is more obsessed with loosing it. For years I've been insecure with my body. There were times when I didn't eat because I didn't feel thin enough that day. I constantly weighed myself each day. Before loosing my weight I would be one who would rush into a bathroom after eating a meal (you know what I mean). I was picked on my weight all of my life. Calling somebody fat, sticks to them. They don't let it go, they think about that one negative comment, compare to 100 compliments they get in one day. I'm not ashamed about my past. I've learned from it. To this day it's still hard to eat. I feel if I eat something I'll instantly gain 20 pounds. Or that my stomach would magically start growing and everybody else would see it. I've been better though. I've stayed on a healthy eating lifestyle, eating clean meals and doing exercises each day. Sometimes I have a bad day, but I try my best not to go back to the deep end. Everybody is so proud of my weight loss. To be honest, it didn't take me two years to lose 150 pounds. Took me a few months...that's not good. But I was so determined to be thin it was sick. I've never told my problem to anybody because I didn't want the attention. But after being 10 months healthy, I think it was time to be brave enough to tell my story. I worried about so much of what people thought or how my body looked that I could've used that time to live my life to the fullest. I'm happy now, happier I've been in a long time and I wish I learned this awhile ago. But every moment comes to their time when it's ready. Just know that one negative comment could leave a scar on somebody for a life time. Be proud for who you are, don't pick at you or your body. Use the time to be happy.
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@yaboysmiley Sailor Duncan ( @yaboysmiley )

"Love isn't all about how we as a society see others portray love, but more importantly how you've put your spin on it. It may not have been the smoothest ride, but hell I'll buy another ticket to get in line"... #love #epic #truth #word #2014 #relationship1o1 #fresh #inspiration #motivation #goodnight #latenightthoughts #interacial #cloudporn #dope

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@sassychris1 copyrights Christina Tan ( @sassychris1 )

Beautiful 👏😃 flower shots in Turkey, by dear sis @seydakorkmaz01 🌷🌷🌷check her feed for more 👉 @seydakorkmaz01 👈

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@emrkrm emrkrm ( @emrkrm )

Bodrum✨ Yalikavak✨Turkey✨✨

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@brittanya187 Brittanya Razavi ( @brittanya187 )

You all know I keep it real So here's some #Truth Today I cried All day thinking I lost my page. I know a lot don't understand. Saying "it's just IG" But I run a business that supports my family I take care of a lot of people not just my kids. You all don't see behind the pics But i work until the sun comes up! #RealTalk And MY SUPPORTERS/FOLLOWING are Who makes it all happen. #AlwaysThankful 🙏 @187inc I'm gonna be doing video shout outs tomorrow on my video page as well for those that had my back & reposted for me 💋

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@austonlam austonlam ( @austonlam )

#psy #mask #truth #stillgrinding

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@sassychris1 Christina Tan ( @sassychris1 )

From my Koh Samui Album, enjoy! The song is Seasons of Love by Glee's cast😍🎼🎧

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@kawthari3 kawthar ♡ ( @kawthari3 )

Gaza is not a war zone, innocent people die disarmed and defenseless. Gaza is a living crime against humanity. #heart_breaking #PrayForGaza #truth #inspired_sketch "أم ضحت بروحها من أجل قطعة من جسدها تراها تموت أمام عيناها في غزة!" اللهم أنصر أخواننا المستضعفين في غزة و في كل بقعة يذكر فيها اسمك، اللهم إنهم جوعى فأطعمهم، وخائفون فآمنهم،اللهم ارحم ضعفهم، وآمن روعهم، وانصرهم على عدوك يا قوي يا عزيز، حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل ، اللهم أهلك اليهود و من ولاهم من عرب ودمرهم، أسألك بنـــور وجهك الذي مـلأ أركان عرشك ان تنصرهم، وصل اللهم على محمد و على آل محمد كما صليت على ابراهيم و على آل ابراهيم انك حميد مجيد.

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@willsinge William Singe ( @willsinge )

If the skies came crashing down tonight and all the stars and seas collide, you already know I'd be right at home in your arms. #love #life #truth #newsong #lyrics @tomjordanmusic

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