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@justcallmejoe_69 Joe Rodriguez ( @justcallmejoe_69 )

Who said Mexicans can't twerk !
My twerking after a hangover
#Twerkfordays #ass #mexicansdoit

{ Stinson
; 1 months ago

@melissajoanhart Melissa Joan Hart ( @melissajoanhart )

#tbt to my #Bikini magazine photoshoot back in #2000. Loved this shoot with #MarcBaptiste. He promised this shot was just for him. He lied but it's #Hot so I'm cool with it. #booty #junkinthetrunk #bigbooty #bum #butt #ass #throwbackthursday

{ Valencia
; 2 months ago

@cocothicknezz Learn From The Queen ( @cocothicknezz )

Early morning clown 😂😂😂 my #ass still Phat though
My outfit zeaddd not cute but }#goodmorning

{ Brooklyn
; 3 months ago

@omfgisthatsina SinaMosh ( @omfgisthatsina )

Quick update on what's going on, so far I'm fat as shit so don't hate! But it's a process. Can't wait to start shredding for summer and get rid of the bulky look. Thanks for all the love & support! 💙 #quick #update #on #my #fat #ass

{ Normal
; 4 months ago

@myrissa_joy MJ ( @myrissa_joy )

It's March 1st and I want to have the best #Ass possible lol..Me doing "Squat Crossovers" 4 sets of 20 reps, hold for 2 secs. at bottom #135lbs #glutes #exercise #fitspo #Challenging

; 4 months ago

@frank_the_funnyfrenchie Frank The Frenchie ( @frank_the_funnyfrenchie )

My Peyton Manning impression. Please let me know when this game is over. I can't even look at the score. #SuperBowl #ass #whooping

{ Normal
; 5 months ago

@instagramfitness Instagram Fitness 💪 ( @instagramfitness )

So we all know what day it is!!! #transformationtuesday and @tanyrivera is bringing a new meaning to the word #transformation she looks amazing and her journey has not been a walk in the park. I'll let her tell you her story.... ************ ************** (Left pic 177lbs overweight 40%bf vs Right pic: 139lbs 21%bf) I've been hesitant about posting this pic. Bc it's embarrassing, but to me it's a sign of #strength from being able to overcome #battles and taking full pride for doing it all in my own. This hasn't just been #physical, I was going through an #emotional mental depression where I was lost in life, lonely, unmotivated, no self esteem, and hopeless when my mom and I lost my step dad, then we lost our home, struggled financially, and I had my 1st biggest heartbreak. I completely isolated myself from friends and society but I happened to discover an inner drive through #fitness which suddenly started bringing joy back to my life and I started setting #goals with a motivational path. I never asked anyone for help or advice, I never had a "personal #trainer" I just got things done. I wasn't raised with a silver spoon and I work my #ass off for my needs, I know the value of things and that's why I never take anything for granted whether it be big or small. Anybody who's going through hardships and sees no exit.. trust me the light in the tunnel is closer than you think. Hey, some may have it easier than others but that's the #beauty of life, struggling to #appreciate things in #life and gain strength to be the best you can be. #willpowerbaby!

{ Normal
; 7 months ago

@anuta_rai_ AnutaRai ( @anuta_rai_ )

Мой фотоархив бесконечен📷 #ass #body #anutarai #shooting #foto

{ Valencia
; 8 months ago

@thegigigorgeous ✨🎀🍦 G I G I 🍦🎀✨ ( @thegigigorgeous )

✨🍑NEW VIDEO!!🍑✨ The strict everyday workout I follow to stay in shape💪😉 #ass #twerk #cakefodays #fitness

; 8 months ago

@frank_the_funnyfrenchie Frank The Frenchie ( @frank_the_funnyfrenchie )

Using daddy's tempurpedic pillow. Nice that the memory foam molds to my big ears. #big #ass #ears #pillow

{ Sierra
; 9 months ago

@lydiasarunrat Lydia Sarunrat Visutthithada ( @lydiasarunrat )

Muaythai anywhere anytime มวยไทยได้ทุกที่ทุกเวลา 😜 @gurumatthew @khongsittha #kst #muaythai #kick #yo #ass

{ Normal
; 9 months ago

@gymgirljessie Jessie Deye 💪 ( @gymgirljessie )

By popular request, a few of my fav booty growin exercises. Sure some girls are gifted with a poppin booty, but don't believe for a second that you can't grow one if you're not one of them. I hit my glutes 2-3x a week and focus on activating them during all my cardio. I didn't always have an ass. But I wanted one. So I built it. #whitegirlgotsomeass 👐
Song: Can't Believe It by Flo Rida 🎶👊✌️

; 9 months ago

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