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@davidlopezvine David Lopez ( @davidlopezvine )

I mean you have to start somewhere! #TeamHercules has motivated me to lift more than 5 lbs. Flex your guns and tag #TeamHercules in the pic! #beastmode #ad

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; 1 months ago

@mankofit Massy ( @mankofit )

I don't always train abs but when I do you know it's #beastmode this si how i #misbehaved today
To those with wooden floors or granite slippery gliding surfaces 😂😂😂 let me show you how to train abs/shoulders/triceps in one but specially your core

Grab two little towels and do the glide (believe me, this is hard) if you cannot perform this YET, modify by going on your knees .

Try as many reps as you can safely and improve on your reps!
Tag a friend who you would want to challenge to this or try ☺️💪 How have you #misbehaved today? ------------------------------------------ No siempre entreno abdominales pero cuando lo hago ya saben que es #modobestia así me #portemal en el gym !

Para aquellos con pisos de madera o con áreas donde puedan deslizarse aquí tienen un ejercicio que trabajara los abdominales increíblemente pero también hombros y tríceps.

Agarren dos toallas y se deslizaran como ven en el video (créanme que no es fácil) si no pueden realizar este ejercicio estricto siempre pueden modificar usando las rodillas envés de pararse en los pies.

Mencionen un amigo/a la que quieran desafiar con esto o quien quiera abdominales fuertes.

Como se #portaronmal en el Gym hoy?

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@bradcastleberry Bradly Castleberry: TheManimal ( @bradcastleberry )

This is from my leg workout today. Stacked the machine with 24 plates at the end of my workout. #themanimal #beastmode #nextlevel #legday

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; 1 months ago

@jennaushkowitz jennaushkowitz ( @jennaushkowitz )

Happy Saturday. Got to the gym 15 min early. So what to else to do but take a selfie. #saturdayselfie #beastmode

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; 1 months ago

@bradcastleberry Bradly Castleberry: TheManimal ( @bradcastleberry )

Today was another fantastic day for me! I completely blasted my shoulders, always pushing myself to the limit! I finished my shoulder workout with lateral raises 100lbx10 reps to get a crazy pump!! Remember if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you, so always challenge yourself in everything that you do. Salute to all the gym freaks out there and all my followers who take there fitness serious and work their asses off, know I SEE you and have nothing but love n respect for u!! #themanimal #100s #shoulders #motivation #beastmode

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; 1 months ago

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