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@bradcastleberry Bradly Castleberry: TheManimal ( @bradcastleberry )

Always changing it up and doing different things. Did the ropes today at the end of my shoulder workout. #themanimal #finishstrong #nextlevel shoulders #ropes #beastmode

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@bradcastleberry Bradly Castleberry: TheManimal ( @bradcastleberry )

Your strength comes from your struggle so stop allowing your problems to bring you down and start embracing your struggles, they will create that inner beast in you if you allow them to and attack them the right way, today is flex friday so I want you to go Beastmode and flex at any situations you have today and use your struggle to build you up today, be strong and courageous today!!!! #themanimal #beastmode #warready #lion #nextlevel #trainharderthanme #unstoppable #relentless #ferocious #Hybrid #sandiego #positivemindset #vicious #livinglegend @leondadawn @justshopkicks @wayofalion @_chrismccreery_

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@mankofit Massy ( @mankofit )

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Fitness is more than just sculpting a body . When I first started working out my goal was to be the strongest woman I could be, mentally and physically .
Then I developed strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and explosivesness... And even new dance moves 😂. To be fit Is more than just a 6 pack...it's about performance!

The burpee box squat, a complex movement that requires all the characteristics mentioned above.👆 What to look for in a box jump: •Soft landing when jumping on box (never a hard landing or pounding that can damage your knees).
•Always landing on heels and not toes.
•Knees at 90 degree angle.
•Celebration dance at the end 😁 Tag a friend who needs a
#beastmode move!

So now I tell you, get out of your comfort zone & #misbehave />
#beastmode Good morning!

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Fitness es más que esculpir una figura esbelta. Cuando empece a ejercitarme mi meta era ser la mujer más fuerte que conocía mental y físicamente.

Después desarrolle fuerza, coordinación, balance, flexibilidad , y explosividad...y hasta pasos de bailes nuevos 😂 Con esto dicho:

Saltadas de banco con burpees, un ejercicio complejo en el que se necesitan todas las características mencionadas arriba 👆 En qué concentrarse cuando se hace una saltada de banco: •"Aterrizaje " liviano al saltar con poco impacto (nunca saltar con alto impacto que pueda dañar tus rodillas).
•Siempre aterrizar en los talones de los pies y no los dedos.
•Rodillas en in algulo de 90 grados.
•Celebrar con un bailecito al final 😁 Menciona a un amigo que necesite un ejercicio
Ahora te digo, sal de tu zona de confort y #misbehave 💪

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@bradcastleberry Bradly Castleberry: TheManimal ( @bradcastleberry )

Never let someone turn your sky into a ceiling!!! Always do extra I did 120x25 it just wasn't enough so I stacked 60's on top of the 120's for 10reps, I refuse to be ordinary or average and you should be the same way!!! #themanimal #thegrind #livinglegend unstoppable #shoulders #nextlevel #uniquetraining #beastmode

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