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@itsbirdy ♔ Pokémon Master ッ ( @itsbirdy )

Soldier. This was a commissioned character design by @deux_skywalker. Thanks man, something a little different haha :) Note: I'm not taking commissions at this time, and frankly would never have the patience to do every single request. I apologize if this makes people sad :( I'm only human. For now.

{ Valencia
; 2 months ago

@itsbirdy ♔ Pokémon Master ッ ( @itsbirdy )

Woohoo. Found an old folder of drawings from 2009 :D Some made up Pokermans up top der. Digging sure is a blast from the past!... I'll never say that again for the rest of forever. #nostalgia

{ X-ProII
; 3 months ago

@itsbirdy ♔ Pokémon Master ッ ( @itsbirdy )

Me as a #Peanuts character! Chyea. Two birds of a feather :) aftermath of artistic boredom and also maybe a little daydreaming. #woodstock #itsbirdy

{ Nashville
; 4 months ago

@itsbirdy ♔ Pokémon Master ッ ( @itsbirdy )

More #pokemon #art chyea :D Mime Jr. #clowning around in a Mr. Mime onsie. My puns are so original it hurts my eyes.

{ Nashville
; 11 months ago

@lizmonster Sydnee ☾ ( @lizmonster )

not all those who wander are lost. Δ || and i'm definitely feeling a lot better, it just took some time. :) another one of my crayon-sky drawings! hehe. life's gonna be so busy, prom's next weekend! even though it's not mine, i'm really pumped and nervous! || #vop #crayon #sky #lizmonstersky.

{ Normal
; 1 years age

@hello__yellow  ( @hello__yellow )

I kind of want to start over. Should I delete all my pictures? I'm just not happy with my feed...

{ Normal
; 2 years age

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