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@asasoltan Asa Soltan Rahmati ( @asasoltan )

Had dinner with my family.
I ate edemame, sashimi, and a cucumber salad. I was soooo tempted to get shrimp tempura & eat a bunch of rice but kept it protein and salads. It's always difficult for me to be strict with what I'm eating when I'm out with my family. I always want order everything and enjoy it together. In my family food = celebration.
Lesson: No carbs past 4pm. Man it's only day 2 and already it's tuff keeping up with the gym grind and the no carbs at night.
Plus today was SUCH a long work day that I didnt have the energy to hit the gym on my way home. But it's ok I did cardio this morning. I need my beauty sleep. :)
Tomorrow will be a major gym day- basically I'll be reporting from the gym all day. lol
How was your day Lovers?
I'm proud of all of us. Let's keep it Goin!!!
One day at a time. #togetherwecandothis #getinshapeinonemonth #priestessdetox #asasoltan #shahs #diamondwater

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@asasoltan Asa Soltan Rahmati ( @asasoltan )

Ok babies, day 1 of our #getinshapeinonemonth :)
Lesson: Do not leave the house hungry.
I have a busy work day so made a good protein (and green) shake: Almond milk, one banana, rasberries, protein & green powder, maca powder, raw cacao beans, and a woman mixture of flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil. I had to get up *extra early* to get an hour of cardio in before my work day. Taking my work out clothes with me and am doing either yoga, Pilates, or a sculpt class at the end of my work day.
Stay active! Do not skip a day. #WecanDoThisTogether :). #priestess #asasoltan #shahs #shahsofsunset #diamondwater #getinshapeinonemonth

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