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@elcimini Elcin Temel ( @elcimini )

Bonjour! New post on the blog: http://bit.ly/YKt6ak and thank you @charlesetstan for the lovely gift, I do love it 💞 Also thanks a lot to @adnansokol and @berr1n for the shooting, editing and the fun ☺️❤️🙆

: www.thethimbleart.com
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; 1 weeks ago

@heyleebeth Haleigh Rice ( @heyleebeth )

A few of the clothes I bought this week! 😁😊 There's more but I thought I'd just post these. I'm so glad to finally have my closet updated.

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; 1 weeks ago

@robinjohnston robinjohnston ( @robinjohnston )

A Taste of St. Lawrence Market... I love the opportunities for capturing Candids in the market. Oh, I'm trying a new way of presenting multiple images on the same subject.

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; 1 weeks ago

@talkfitness2me talkfitness2me ( @talkfitness2me )

08.13.2014 | Can you guys tell me what muscles am I working out on today ?

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; 2 weeks ago

@salihozguzel salihozguzel ( @salihozguzel )

This Stunnig Picture Was Taken By 👉 @glsnkrglu 👈 edit By Me, Please Check Out Her Feed I'm Sure You'll Enjoy 😎

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; 2 weeks ago

@jackjackattacks JaCk-jAcK ( @jackjackattacks )

Omg i haven't had #balut for so many years.. I used to be grossed out eating it when i was a kid.. Haha! #duckegg #duckembryo #duckfetus #pinoyfood #exoticfood #yumyum 🐣🐣🐣

: Kapuso Kapamilya
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; 2 weeks ago

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