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@fede2709 Federico ( @fede2709 )

Quando la mattina non ti sveglia nessuno.
Quando la sera non ti aspetta nessuno...
Quando puoi fare quello che vuoi... Tu come la chiami... Solitudine o libertà???

: Winter Wonderland
{ Amaro
; 1 days ago

@sampsonhampsonfitness S A M P S O N -- H A M P S O N ( @sampsonhampsonfitness )

Friday means its arm day! 👊💥 Haters are NOT my motivators. I work hard so one day I can walk into my Mums house and say "you don't have to worry about money anymore."

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; 2 days ago

@ravenreviews Samantha Pickertts ( @ravenreviews )

Declare this an emergency
come on and spread a sense of urgency
and pull us through
and pull us through
and this is the end
this is the end of the world...
#apocalypseplease 🎶

: Martinez, California
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; 3 days ago

@skye.m.w.y skye.m.w.y ( @skye.m.w.y )

Dinner with my lovers💕In this amazing outfit😘 perfect for summer #hairextentionsgoldcoast #love #instagood @studioniche

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@michal_florianczyk Michał Floriańczyk ( @michal_florianczyk )

my new website ;>
Jesteś odważny? Lubisz wyzwania? No to teraz możesz podejmować je bez ograniczeń, bez konsekwencji, bez granic! Nagrywaj, nominuj, BAW SIĘ z @misterprankcom 😁 #podejmijwyzwanie #tegojeszczeniegrali #challenge #wyzwanie #bednarek #instagrampl #polishboys #polishgirl #instagood #fun #instafun #video #film #good Pierwsze wyzwanie podjął @kamilbednarek! ✌️Ciekawi? Startujemy dziś o godz. 20:00! www.misterprank.com 🍋🎂

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