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B L A C K • V E L V E T

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; 1 weeks ago

@_un1t3d_ United Ministry ( @_un1t3d_ )

Download the Bible Lock Screens App. The link for the app is in @biblelockscreens! They have many lock screens, I encourage to download their app! tag 3 people below!!

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; 3 weeks ago

@dnlkurniawan ! ✪ Daniel Kurniawan ( @dnlkurniawan )

Beautiful photo by @nael7422. Check out his amazing feed!! ✨👍

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; 1 months ago

@piccolasoft Giorgia Golia🌸 ( @piccolasoft )

We're all made of pieces and it tooks a life to put all of them together and compose ourselves...🎨 (Barcelona, Parc Guell)

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; 2 months ago

@larisanugent Larisa Nugent ( @larisanugent )

Flashback to World Ballet Competition, Morning Passage, age 13.

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; 2 months ago

@hajar_saif_ Hajar ( @hajar_saif_ )

اعدت تنزيل الفيديو لتعديل بسيط✨
و#مسائكم_لذيذ🍲 '
الصوت: ايقاعات بشريه❤️

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; 2 months ago

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