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@jaminthompson Jamin Thompson ( @jaminthompson )

Tag a friend and share a laugh...before I go blow some shit up! 😂😭😂😭💀

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; 5 days ago

@unforettable unforettable ( @unforettable )

Jeopardy tryna let y'all KNOW! 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

{ Clarendon
; 6 days ago

@rokymillion ♛Roky♛ ( @rokymillion )

Have you got my debut mixtape yet?? (LINK IN BIO) .. This is a HILARIOUS #Spoof made of my music video 'LOOK AT YOUR MAN NOW BACK AT ME' made by world class Boxer Ben 'The juicer ' @salon_style_resultz and JASON MENDELOW ... Hahah the full version is even more jokes!! Haha download that mixtape!! P.s the 'look at your man now back at me' video will be RE uploaded soon!! Xxx
#roky #spoof #hiphop #itiswhatitis #thejuicer #aussies are #funny #lol #jokes 😎👍

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; 3 weeks ago

@ambitionpurcell Ambition ( @ambitionpurcell )

Hahaha 😂😂😂 this was too good not to share 👌 👏

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; 1 months ago

@klarity Klarity ( @klarity )

How you feel when you send your crush a DM on IG or Twitter and they don't respond. (Doing a following spree on Twitter until I get to 10k! Tweet me @Klarity_ and use the hashtag #Klarityto10k for a follow!)

: Follow me on Twitter @Klarity_
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; 1 months ago

@mache275 Mache Custom Kicks™ ( @mache275 )

Rule #1- don't piss off your lady, because there's always going to be a time of the day when you'll have to leave her alone in the house w your kicks lol. But don't worry kids @mrs_mache was only kiddin. #jokes #2k14 #brongang #wifey

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; 1 months ago

@robruger Ravishing Rob Ruger ( @robruger )

I see u @ericapinkett thats how u retaliate. ..lol..oh & did I mention Erica will be at the Rustic Goat June 14 courtesy of @_reginareed ..oh & did I mention the hottest media team in the country #EthnoNightlife will be covering the event? You not gone out work my team. . #EthnoTakeover

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; 1 months ago

@getfitwithnic_ Nic B ( @getfitwithnic_ )

Older Mother's on Instagram😩😩😂😂 I guess they gotta to stay hip too. I'm not mad atcha lmao #Jokes #Laugh #Humor #Funny #Moms #ImBackkk

{ Stinson
; 2 months ago

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