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@mollyrainford Molly Rainford💟 ( @mollyrainford )

When @harvey_music sings all good, then you hit a bad note😂😂😂💙 #fave #jokes #singerproblems

{ Vesper
; 3 days ago

@heartwinx Lisa Spades ( @heartwinx )

Riddle of the week: What goes around the world but stays in one corner? #puzzle #riddle #jokes

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; 2 months ago

@pryncevynce Vincent Ross ( @pryncevynce )

Girls only want you if you drive a car these days 😂 #jokes

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; 3 months ago

@joeyessex90 Joey Essex ( @joeyessex90 )

1 HOUR until - Educating Joey Essex: Space Cadet tonight at 9pm on @itv2 #EducatingJoey @Lord_Sugar #Jokes

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; 3 months ago

@gedi34 Gedion Zelalem ( @gedi34 )

What's floyd doin in the gym at arsenal?? #jokes #facials #afc

{ Gingham
; 3 months ago

@funforlouis Louis Cole ( @funforlouis )

Piranha fishing is dangerous business, This guy almost took my finger off! #jokes 👉🐟

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; 3 months ago

@jaminthompson Jamin Thompson ( @jaminthompson )

Tag a friend and share a laugh...before I go blow some shit up! 😂😭😂😭💀

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; 4 months ago

@unforettable unforettable ( @unforettable )

Jeopardy tryna let y'all KNOW! 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

{ Clarendon
; 4 months ago

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