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@ohmygoshpolish 😎Tam Good Karma Chickies😁 ( @ohmygoshpolish )

Oooo 😁 So I got What I can only describe as Fabulous #NailMail today from @shopncla 😘😘. I was so excited to see @stephstonenails 😘😘 new @shopncla Duo kit, Sweet Baby and Unicorn Tears. Now if you've checked out Steph's IG (LoL! yeah, right! Stupid Q!😂 of course u Have!!😉) you'll know she is not only Super Talented 🙌and Paints the nails of All the coolest Celebs but she is also one of the Funnest Nail Artists around!! Shes kind of Quirky 😜 and loves color, cartoons and anything Fun!!😁 I also received her Oh so Cool wraps which I can't wait to wear cause they are just Brilliant and make me Smile!!👌😁😁. Oh and Don't pick on my Cactus!🌵 first one I've ever done and I know it's a bit....😕off!

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@uroki_makeup 💄 УРОКИ МАКИЯЖА [114k] ( @uroki_makeup )

Еще одна прическа😍 Всем доброе утро!💋 @halbin #makeup #makeuptutorial #hairstyle #nails #nailart #redlips #urokimakeup #урокимакияжа #макияж #косметика #косметичка #визаж #визажизм #визажист #девушка #красота #прическа #ногти #лак #брови #помада #макияжглаз

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@nailsofjessiek Jessie K 👽 ( @nailsofjessiek )

Haha yep. More triangles. 😁😂😍
#bsquaredlacquer by @miadillpicklenails 'Franken Me Out' (GITD)
• PINK (VS) 'After Party'
• generic clear tape • #bsquaredlacquer Shine B-right and B Matte top coats
Song: Blink 182 Please Take Me Home

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@lemmingspolish Imani Morgan ( @lemmingspolish )

Here is the tutorial for today's gradient! 🔴 I finally got around to using the Liquid Palisade (purple stuff I put around my nail) sent to me to review from @kiesque and I love it! It dries so much faster than the elmer's glue or OPI's glitter off, which is what I normally use. It has a kinda fishy smell that I'm not crazy about BUT it dries with purple glitter in it so that equals it out..lol If you are interested check out @kiesque @kiesque @kiesque for shop links! 🔴 ALSO, you can tell in the vid that this is NOT the way I usually do a gradient. I usually put the colors on the sponge and sponge directly onto a white base. The ONLY time I will do a gradient this way is if a color is taking too many coats to get to the color I want it to, and that is the problem I was having with Capacity to See Beyond when I was doing this mani. So I put the two colors on my nail meeting halfway, then paint them on the sponge, slightly overlapping, and then sponge the colors onto the nail concentrating on the area where the two colors meet. Both techniques work well, I don't prefer this one though because it is more layers, which means it takes longer to do and dry. 🔴 The dotting tool I used for the glitter placement is from @twinkled_t @twinkled_t @twinkled_t USE THE CODE "Imani" FOR 10% OFF YOUR ORDER! 🔵 SONG: Girls Chase Boys- Ingrid Michaelson

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@ohmygoshpolish 😎Tam Good Karma Chickies😁 ( @ohmygoshpolish )

Oh Yum! 😍 This is one of the 7 new Collaboration shades from @picturepolish 😘😘 Never Nude by @willpaintnailsforfood (you clever girl!!😉😘) it's a pale Ivory Nude with with Scatter Holo, blue glass flecks and a sprinkle of little Blue and Magenta hex glitters. As I said before just YUM!! 👌😍😍

: 💕Never Nude!😉
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@amymariexoxo Amymarie Gaertner ( @amymariexoxo )

Galaxy Nails✨💅 Using pieces of sponge, blot on different colors to make up the nebulas. Add a layer of sparkles to make the stars! #NailArt />
inspired by Ginger who's the brightest star in the sky❤️

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@mananails Ms room🎨 ( @mananails )

Art lesson🎨
内容は本日と同じHello Kittyのクラスです。
11/24 2PM-5PM Snoopy
12/1 10AM-1PM Hello Kitty 2PM-5PM Frozen
お問い合わせは info@cyncnail.comまで💌

: Cync Nail Salon
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@pshiiit_polish pshiiit_polish ( @pshiiit_polish )

Et le tuto, ça faisait longtemps ! ♫ Music: Chet Faker - No Diggity #nailart #nails #nailarttutorial #pshiiit #nailsartvids

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@thecraftyninja TheCraftyNinja ( @thecraftyninja )

Black Hearts ⚫️💀 One of the easiest nail art designs. Check out the full tutorial on my Youtube, link in bio. Using @shopncla Back to Black and Gloss It! #ncla /> shopncla.com

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@supre_instagram Supré ( @supre_instagram )

Need some #nailspo? Go bold with our nail polish set in Glam Slam. Just $5 with any purchase in store!
💋💋👛👛 #kisskissshopshop #supre #hotnails #instacool #hot #beauty #nailart #mani #manicure

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@picturepolish piCture pOlish ( @picturepolish )

Stamped Hand-Made Nail Decal video tutorial by @sveta_sanders 💖💖 features 'Monroe, Mellow Yellow + Whimsy' MoYou Pro CL 03 plate
Music: When the beat drops out by Marlon Roudette
Link to PP on-line in bio #polish #polishaddict #picturepolish #aussienails #vernis #ongle #crueltyfree #vegan #lacquer #lovenails #lovemanicure #enamel #npa #nail #nails #nailru #nailart #nailporn #nailswag #nailaddict #nailartwow #naildesign #nailpolish #nailpolishaddict #nailswatch #naillacquer #nailenamel #polish

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