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@tsum_moscow ЦУМ ( @tsum_moscow )

Откройте для себя технику безводного маникюра и насладитесь мягким уходом и фантастическими летними оттенками #christinafitzgerald 💅💗💛
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#tsum_moscow #nailart #colorful #beauty #fashion

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@ohmygoshpolish 😎Tam Good Karma Chickies😁 ( @ohmygoshpolish )

Kind of 💥POP Art thing😁. Either way, just a bunch of Dots😜. Polishes are @picturepolish 😘😘Instinct and Fairy Floss. Also @inmnails 😘😘White Porcelain and Acrylic craft paint🎨.

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@goldfish_kiss Rebekah Steen ( @goldfish_kiss )

Just when I thought nail wraps couldn't get any radder... 😳@goscratchit #nailart

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@izkiz #Izkiz ( @izkiz )

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Have a great day! 🌸

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@naildecor ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Manal ( @naildecor )

Uh oh! Just woke up from a nap and it 10pm 😂👀 anywho here's the tutorial ☺️used the most requested song: summer- Calvin Harris! Follow @naildecorvideos for more!

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; 3 months ago

@pshiiit_polish pshiiit_polish ( @pshiiit_polish )

Et le #tutopshiiit ! C'est un simple nailart a l'éponge mais qui prend sa dimension grace aux textures des vernis au final, vraiment rien de difficile ou précis 😜 #nailart #playa

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@motivescosmetics Motives Cosmetics ( @motivescosmetics )

We're so in love with this nail look by @nailthataccent!💗🌟👌 /> "A delicate polka dot floral mani for #thebeautybuffs today. Who would daydream about @motivescosmetics soft blue "daydream" 💙"
All #motives products are available for US/CAN at www.MOTIVESCOSMETICS.com or internationally at Global.Shop.com #motd #motivescosmetics #makeup #beauty #glam #mua #eotd #nailart #mani #manimonday #nailpolish #notd

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