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"ℒiƒҽ is Ɩikɛ a Ɩaɳɖsca℘є. γoʊ Ɩiѵҽ iɳ ʈɧҽ ოiɖsɫ oƒ iʈ ɞuƗ caɳ ԀɛscriƄe iɫ oɳƖy ƒroღ ɫɦɛ ѵaɳɫaցɛ ℘oiɲɫ oƒ ժisɫaɳcє." -€ɧarƖes ℒiƞɖberցɧ

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The warmest winter in 130 years!

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I believe that human is come from ape :3

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