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@wonderfulelectricblake3 Mr. Blake-A-Boy♋️ ( @wonderfulelectricblake3 )

Just helped out at our community church, as a community we all boxed up 1,000 food boxes for families in need of a Thanksgiving dinner who couldn't afford it this year. We as people will help 1,000 families be able to have a dinner this year & food on their plate! Good karma all around! Happy Thanksgiving!😁⛄️❤️👍

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@tawalbalak Tawal Balak ( @tawalbalak )

taken by me
🍀- فصبرُُ جمييل.
هناك مقولة جميلة تقول ؟؟ إن لم تعرفني فأكرمني بحُسن ظنك فحُسن الظن راحة لا يعرفها إلا من جربها فأحسنوا الظَّن تطيب
حياتكم ♡!
صباح الخير

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@queenrania Queen Rania Al Abdullah ( @queenrania )

منظر رائع لغروب الشمس في مدينة أبوظبي- هنا لحضور قمة أبوظبي للإعلام غداً
#أبوظبي #الامارات />
An inspiring sunset in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi- here to attend the Media summit tomorrow
#Beautiful #Sunset #Sky #AbuDhabi #UAE #ADMS2014

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@joellembc1 Joelle Mardinian ( @joellembc1 )

When I saw the Rainbow I was both Happy and Sad 😢 Sad because Ella has never seen a rainbow 😢 I wish she was here right now! #rainbow #Ella #nature #sky #blue #funnyweather #rain #clouds #sun #southoffrance #homefromhome #joellembc1 #loveatfirstsight

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@yoga_girl Rachel Brathen ( @yoga_girl )

Crazy thunder color explosion sky. The ocean looks divided in half; cold and warm. I feel so alive. Buzzing with energy. When I inhale, the earth exhales. When the earth inhales, I exhale. The cycle of life continues and no matter what happens or where life takes us I know this one fundamental truth: we are never, ever, ever alone.
#thoughts #life #earth #live #ocean #handstand #heart #sky #sunset #yoga #yogagirlbook

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@drnalramadhan د. نور الرمضان ( @drnalramadhan )

جزء ٢ من ٢

معلومة اعتقد انها مكررة بس ليلحين وايد ما يعرفونها فبغيت أوضح 🌹

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@instagramaviation Official Instagram Aviation™ ( @instagramaviation )

#igaviationmondayvideoday Post Nr. 3! 😮What a view! Always dreamed of some cloudsurfing:) Amazing video shared by @flying_lauri , Embraer 190 Finnair Surfing style! #aviation #planeporn #embraer #190 #finnair #clouds #sun #cloudsurfing #sky #air #amazing #instagramaviation

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@nasagoddard NASA Goddard ( @nasagoddard )

How, When and Where to Safely Watch the Oct. 23 Partial Solar Eclipse
During the late afternoon of Oct. 23, 2014, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from much of North America before sundown. Partial eclipses occur when the moon blocks part of the sun from view.

It is never safe to look at the sun with the naked eye. Even during a partial eclipse, when only a very small part of the sun is visible, viewing it without eye protection risks permanent eye damage or blindness. Listed below are a few ways of safely watching the eclipse. No matter which recommended technique you choose, do not stare continuously at the sun. Take breaks and give your eyes a rest. And, remember, don't use regular sunglasses -- they don't offer your eyes sufficient protection.

The safest and most inexpensive way to watch a partial solar eclipse is by projection. Place a pinhole or small opening in a card, and hold it between the sun and a screen – giant sheet of white paper works – a few feet away. An image of the sun will be seen on the screen. Projected images of the sun's crescent during an eclipse may even be seen on the ground in the small openings created by interlacing fingers, or in the dappled sunlight beneath a leafy tree. You can also use binoculars to project a magnified image of the sun on a white card. However, you must never look through the binoculars at the sun.

Read more: http://1.usa.gov/1tICSHS

Credit: T. Ruen #nasagoddard #solareclipse #sun #sky

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