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تجربتي في عيادة
الجلسة الثانية مع
ابر اذابة الدهون الأكواليكس👌😍 فعالة وبدون ألم ⚡️
في مناطق في الجسم محتاجة هذي الابر لاذابة الدهون فيها لانها صعب تختفي مع الرياضة او الرجيم، مثل البطن، الخصر، زوائد الظهر، المعدة، الأرداف، الذراع، الذقن، وغيرها. "تتخلصين من الدهون بدون جراحة"
يتم حقن ابرة الأكواليكس في النسيج الدهني ويسبب تدمير للخلايا الشحمية وتنتقل بعدها الى الكبد ليتم طرحها بشكل طبيعي عبر الكليتيين.
Aqualyx consists of injecting the solution into localised fat deposits in areas such as saddle bags, thighs, stomachs, chins and knees..etc.

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; 3 months ago

@noelaniig noelani g.❤💛💚 ( @noelaniig )

🎥"But mawmmmm, sister did it why do I have to!?" #stubborn #pewpew

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; 11 months ago

@barkleysircharles Sir Charles Barkley ( @barkleysircharles )

Translation: "I promise I won't go under the bed anymore! Please help! I'm stuck!"
#Stubborn #LessonLearned

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; 1 years age

@macymakesmyday Macyn Hope ( @macymakesmyday )

Sportin' her helmet and thinking it's so funny, but no matter what we did, (and we bribed her with cookies) she wouldn't say it. #stinker #stubborn #shestillgotthecookie

; 2 years age

@piratecatwillie One-Eyed Willie ( @piratecatwillie )

Not really in the mood to humor you, human.

; 2 years age

@laurencarrie Lauren Carrie ( @laurencarrie )

Meet my #lazy #stubborn frenchie who sure makes it clear when she is not going to go for a walk...😜

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; 3 years age

@mdek Melanie ( @mdek )

Here is a look into my life. She won't take the pajamas off. She's been wearing them since Saturday night. She wore them to school again today. No bribing could help this situation. I only got them off to wash them last night. #momslife #kids #children #girl #daughter #trouble #stubborn #princess #iphone #iphone4s #iphoneonly #iphoneography

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@rickyohead Ricky ( @rickyohead )

I'm not coming out to play until @photogclaudia posts a new photo! 

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; 3 years age

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