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@norsegod_ George ( @norsegod_ )

Lovely fansign 👌🏻#fansign #sign #tattoo #london

{ X-ProII
; 1 months ago

@venustwofacecat Venus Cat ( @venustwofacecat )

Whaaaatt???!!! 🙀👀 Had to share this first ever (that I know of) #tattoo of me! 👏 The theme of it is "smile now cry later". It's a little tougher than my normal sweet side but that's why they call it art right? Shout out to Daiana @dada_88_ on Instagram for being the first person to get Venus #ink 🙌
Thanks for the love and for sharing with me! 😽
#wow #omg #fanart #venus

{ Ludwig
; 2 months ago

@travisbarker travisbarker ( @travisbarker )

Thank you to the beautiful @jayme.foxx for hosting our @musink_tatfest #tattoo contest over the weekend. You're so kool and much appreciated 🙏 #MUSINK 📷 by #DontTakeMyKeys @justwilliet

{ Normal
; 2 months ago

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