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Evening Gothamites and welcome to our weekly installment of #NerdyTatsFriday! I asked you bat-fans to DM me your nerdy or pop culture tattoos or if you're a tattooist and want to show your body art creations so I can showcase them on the page each week! I received a rather overwhelming number of submissions, so thank you to all who participated! Unfortunately for now the DM submission window is closed, and I can only feature 5 Gothamites each Friday (IG only allows 5 tags in a caption lol) so #NerdyTatsFriday will be frequent all summer long! In this slideshow (the song is and cover art by Deviant artist Ronin (roguesamurai.deviantart.com), we have a Batman, Superman and Green Arrow arm tattoo sent in by @Patrick_Who, a Nolan Universe Dark Knight tattoo sent in by @Ms.Daniela, a Batgirl portrait tattoo sent in by @Liza.Mejia, a Batman thigh tattoo sent in by @Mrs.BruceWayne and three vibrant Batman universe tattoos sent in by @Batcade, a tat of the Dark Knight, the Joker and Two-Face! Thank you Gothamites for sending in your nerdy tattoos! If you haven't seen yours yet, don't worry, we'll be showcasing all little by little every Friday! Enjoy and we will have more History of the Batman soon. :D #TheBatman #Batman #CapedCrusader #TheDarkKnight #DarkKnight #BruceWayne #NerdyTatsFriday #Tattoo #Tattoos #Tats #TattooArt #Superman #GreenArrow #Batgirl #Joker #TwoFace #DCComics #BatmanArt #ComicArt #ComicBooks #Comics

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@tomo_10969 Tomoya Kanki ( @tomo_10969 )

I'm drawing new tattoos now :) @tsutomu_tattoo
#tattoo #ジィーーーーーーー #テレビでテニス観戦しながら

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@tylerbaltierramtv Tyler Baltierra ( @tylerbaltierramtv )

"It's not who your are underneath it's what you do that defines you" - Batman Begins #Tattoo #FinalProduct #WhyDoWeFall? @batmanarkham

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No caption needed! Go get your bottle from @stilldjy1 or godofsoles.com #whatthekicks ICEY

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@whatthekicks #WHATTHEKICKS ( @whatthekicks )

If you been thinking about to but having go pick up some of the @reshoevn8r cleaner it's crazy!! And before y'all say it's 2 different shoes look at the elephant print! Lmao #whatthekicks

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@art_collective_mag Art🎨Nerd ( @art_collective_mag )

Good Morning!
@b_rad_or_die here to share a great find from my neck of the woods!
This stunning mixed media work "Warrior" by @utahmuralartist! /> Enjoy, support art and have a great day.

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@juncha Jun Cha ( @juncha )

Flashback early in the year in London. Looking forward to finishing off this piece and many others. Keep up to date at: www.juncha.net/blog
#juncha #blackandgrey #tattoo #raphael

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