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@charismastar ✨Charis Lincoln✨ ( @charismastar )

That one time I was a Snow Queen!💙❄️⛄️❄️💙#transformationtuesday #elsa #disney #frozen #snowqueen #letitgo #snowflakes #costume and #wig by #glimmerwood

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@blogilates Cassey Ho ( @blogilates )

Happy #transformationtuesday! I want to share you with today's featured POPster - Verna! 4 months of clean eating (no soda, no processed foods, YOLO Meal once a week), POP Pilates, running, and yoga. Look how she completed transformed her physique and her posture!! Verna said she used to be "skinny fat" and her friends would complain why she needed to workout. Life is so much more than being skinny. It's about being strong. Being healthy. Good job Verna! I'm so proud of you! More pics of Verna @awesomebodyrevolution. #blogilatestransformation

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@cubs cubs ( @cubs )

From Little League to All-Star. Let's make the transformation complete this #TransformationTuesday! #VoteRizzo at MLB.com/vote or by texting N4 to 89269.

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@nailstorming Gianna ( @nailstorming )

#TransformationTuesday!! -
The left side is from May 2013 when I had no nail art tools and the right side is from today! I will be posting tutorials for BOTH today!!

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@inthesaddle_thruthelens Equine Photography ♘♞ ( @inthesaddle_thruthelens )

Wow this is cray hahaha. The first clip is from the first time I ever rode cash, second clip was from the day mom came out to look at him to possibly buy him. Then the last 3 clips were from 2 weeks ago. Same day the pics are from. #transformationtuesday I love this horse so much 😍🙌🙈💕

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