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@rosie_pops Rose Carriaga ( @rosie_pops )

My before and after transformation. Just to remind you nobody's perfect. I have thin browns (not by choice) a crooked mouth, pores and blemishes too. Nobody's born perfect were made perfect by life lessons, humility, and learning to love yourself under all conditions.. 🙏

I love me both ways 💗
#beforeandafter #idoittoo #loveyourself #makeup #transformation #transformationtuesday #makeupartist

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@thatkiddillon Dillon Martyn ( @thatkiddillon )

#transformationtuesday First time at six flags with matching shirts, last time at six flags with matching shirts. First selfie ever taken, last selfie taken. I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry.

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@jadahdoll Jadah Doll 💋 ( @jadahdoll )

#TransformationTuesday 😂😭😎 lmao this was my favorite show! Who was your favorite powderpuff girl?! Mine is Bubbles! 💁

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; 2 days ago

@honeygirl1989 👑C-c Marie💎 ( @honeygirl1989 )

🌹❤️All it takes is the Desire to change... The Determination to start... And the Dedication to continue❤️🌹 #TransformationTuesday

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@dreamchaser_803 Seventh Woods 🏀 ( @dreamchaser_803 )

😳 #transformationtuesday 👀 from 6th grade to 10th 🙌 see the difference ? 🙌😈😩😂😂

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@blogilates Cassey Ho ( @blogilates )

Congrats to Pierre J. who lost 318 lbs on The Clean Sponge program! He attributes all of his weight loss success to how easy it was to perform the 3 wipes to rid his food of fats, carbs, and calories! Congrats Pierre @evandollard. You are our #transformationtuesday fitspiration! If you guys want to learn more about how The Clean Sponge works, dial 1-865-551-WIPE now. Really. Someone's already waiting on the line for you.

: www.TheCleanSponge.com
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@ij_fitness Fitness & Health ( @ij_fitness )

My progress throughout the Summers. Never stopped progressing each year and made it my goal to have a better body each summer💪😎. Start now, never give up and remember that FITNESS- "It's not something you achieve and forget, it's something you ATTAIN and MAINTAIN..." #TransformationTuesday

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@allygawrys Ally Gawrys ❁ ( @allygawrys )

sucessful #transformationtuesday puberty has been for the most part good to me (still waitin on boobZ lol)

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; 1 months ago

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