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@heyclaire CLAIRE MARSHALL ( @heyclaire )

Thanks to @ThePlatformYT and #Universal for inviting us to the screening of #EndlessLove. Gotta get the caramel popcorn!

: ArcLight Cinemas
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; 3 months ago

@samalvesmusic Sam Alves ( @samalvesmusic )

Fazendo uma visita a Universal Music em São Paulo. Amei comhecer todos! Será o começo de uma amizade muito boa! #universalmusic #samalves #universal #recordlabel #saopaulo

: Facebook.com/samalvesmusic
{ Amaro
; 3 months ago

@roundfinger A+ ( @roundfinger )

สนุกสุดขอบโลก 555 #Universal Studio Japan #Osaka

{ Sutro
; 4 months ago

@molly_chiang Molly chiang ( @molly_chiang )

Omg!!!!! 變形金鋼超好玩!!!!!! NO.1 !!!!!#mollytravel #universal #singapore

; 6 months ago

@angelgibbs99 Angel Gibbs ( @angelgibbs99 )

Wow last night was freakin amazing!!! Shout out to @worldofdance for welcoming us into the WOD family. Special thanks to @willdabeast__ @1triciamiranda for some dope new choreo and to @myronmarten @hermanfloros of #WOD. Most of all thanks to my crew @kaelynnharris @lilmiscamcam @charlizey1 @jairamiller and all you people who came out to watch!! 💜💜💜#citywalk#universal

; 7 months ago

@bennorris32 Benjamin Norris ( @bennorris32 )

Always with my mouth open. Last night I was lucky enough to make my way onto the red carpet to interview the stars of The World End for Scoopla. Please check out the clip and let me know what you think. Who is going to go see the movie?? #stars #gossip #hype #scoopla #hoyts #universal #theworldsend /> http://www.scoopla.com/tv/simon-peggs-aussie-crush-/

{ Valencia
; 9 months ago

@bennorris32 Benjamin Norris ( @bennorris32 )

Hanging out at 'The Worlds End' premiere. Universal pictures latest film by directed Edgar Wright. #theworldsend #universal #hoyts #scoopla #stars #gossip #hype #benjaminnorris

{ Rise
; 9 months ago

@jurneebell Jurnee Smollett Bell ( @jurneebell )

You guys remember the clock scene from #BackToTheFuture? This is the city hall building they used on the #Universal lot

: Universal Studios Hollywood
{ Mayfair
; 10 months ago

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