Sasha Grey


@sashagrey Sasha Grey ( @sashagrey )

Apparently a 3 am conference call turns me into an Anime character #tcb #newprojects #international

{ Earlybird
; 5 months ago

@sashagrey Sasha Grey ( @sashagrey )

"Oh little girl-There are times when I feel-I'd rather not be
The one behind the wheel" #depechemode

{ Rise
; 10 months ago

@sashagrey Sasha Grey ( @sashagrey )

Re-gram @sechung thanks for the dress for the Open Windows premiere lady! #openwindows #nachovigalondo #sechung http://Sechung.com

{ Sutro
; 11 months ago

@sashagrey Sasha Grey ( @sashagrey )

I haven't learned to use the don't disturb mode but I'm half way there! #work

{ X-ProII
; 11 months ago

@sashagrey Sasha Grey ( @sashagrey )

Hello summer, I need some sun!

{ Inkwell
; 1 years age

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