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@phaedraparks PHAEDRA ( @phaedraparks )

#PresidentObama "Change depends on our attitudes our actions, the things we teach our children." #BloodySunday #Selma50 #truth #responsibility #history

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@marianodivaio Mariano Di Vaio ( @marianodivaio )

I guess style is more about the attitude .. 😄👍✨ #Happiness is the #Truth photo #DvOra

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@pitbullsofinstagram Pit Bulls Of Instagram ( @pitbullsofinstagram )

Check out the NEW super soft Stand Up For Pits Foundation onesie jumpsuits for men AND women! They come in grey and black and 100% of profits (after cost) go directly to the SUFP Foundation. The foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to ending abuse, discrimination and saving the lives of Pitbull type dogs. To learn more about the Foundation, their events, accomplishments, mission and to order merchandise, go to standupforpits.us. Due to the popular demand, the onesie jumpsuits will not ship until March 13th but you can preorder them now! #betheirvoice #TRUTH #standupforpits @rebeccacorry @rebeccacorry

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@lordslaya Germany Bonell ( @lordslaya )

"Been holding doors my whole life they never chose to smile.
Which led to broken down dreams and a open trial.
Which made my mama cry,
and made my papa cry,
it made my brother cry; but thank the lord it closed the file."
-@LiamTracy #HoldingDoors #TheRetroProject #March1st #OpenBooks --------------------------------------------------
#Poetic #Factual #Facts #Truth #Real #Life #Lessons #Learn #Heart #Words #Gems #Wisdom

: Godz Taylor Vintage & Co. Offices.
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@london @LONDON | TAG #THISISLONDON ( @london )

Lunch and inspiration from @glaceau_sw in #GrapeStreet. Happy days. 😍 Community: Make your next friend request in the real world. #truth // #thisislondon #London

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@mattybraps mattybraps ( @mattybraps )

Jack just got here. Leave a comment with YOUR #Truth or #Dare challenge right now and watch the vlog tomorrow!

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@sassychris1 Christina Tan ( @sassychris1 )

Boracay, the Philippines, beautifully captured by dear Warren @warrenjc 💫 check his awesome feed out @warrenjc and @thwjc /> 💫
🎵 Aaliyah's Boat by Satin Jackets

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@kellinquinn Kellin Quinn ( @kellinquinn )

#truth if you need a reminder, know that I'm wearing one of these for anyone that struggles with it! I promise to @nevertakeitoff visit the website in my bio.

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@haya_abdul_salam هيا عبدالسلام Haya Abdulsalam ( @haya_abdul_salam )

It's a complete lie, why do people buy these papers? It's not the truth I'm here to say. You know, don't judge a person, do not pass judgement, unless you have talked to them one on one. I don't care what the story is, do not judge them because it is a lie.
#truth #lie #love #life #mj

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@tameramowrytwo tameramowrytwo ( @tameramowrytwo )

Success, it's not always what you see. #truth

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